Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31 Overview

Campers enjoyed a variety of fun activities today at camp! A company, Games 2 U, joined us at camp today and brought entertaining games such as Booger Wars and U-Launcher. Groups also had fun playing Asteroids and kickball.

Booger Wars!

  • Campers and staff had a great time playing rounds of dodge ball with boogers! A giant nose held fake balls of snot that were pulled out by campers and hurdled towards others!


  • A life-sized set of Angry Birds was brought to camp today! Kids were able to fling the angry birds at stacks of buckets and pigs. 


  • Groups enjoyed a game of mat ball. There was a fun twist that involved the balls playing the role of asteroids.

Other Fun Activities at Camp!

  • In between the special activities, kids played hide-and-seek, a variety of board games, computers, and Wii!


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