Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24th -Overview of camp by Caitlin and Natalie

This week all the campers have been really engaged in a various amount of activities. They worked as a team through the tough challanges they faced and gave  it thier all in every activity. They showed creativity throughout the week while practicing thier skits for the big show on Thursday. The campers also had a fun time watching the magician and getting to come up on stage and get involved in the magiacal performance. 


 World Cup

Two campers try to steal the ball from eachother


 Campers played world cup on the turf. They were in teams of two to try to score a goal before the other teams. They enjoyed the intense competiton!



He shoots and....... HE SCORES!!!

 Campers had to compete against eachother to be the last one standing in Kings.They had to get the ball in the hoop before the other players to become the champion!



Campers cheering the final Kings Players. Hoping to get back
in the game.









Group one were the handball heros.

The campers had a great time trying to defeat the counselors at handball. They worked together as a team to get the ball into the goal and win.

Campers were all actively participating in a huge competetive
 handball game.







Practicing Skits

Excited for performing in Thursdays skit.

Counselors and campers in each group created a skit for the big show on Thursday. They have been practicing all week and are very excited to perform in front of an audience. The children worked very hard using creativity and memorization to perform an entertaining show.

Campers practicing for thier skit. They have been practicing all


Today a magician came to camp today to perform his amazing magic tricks for all the campers. He amazed  them with his rabbit and his mindblowing magic tricks. The auditorium was filled with laughter and smiles.

The campers were anxious to volunteer and become part of
the show.

Abby helping the magician with a magic trick.

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