Friday, July 26, 2013

July 25th Overview

All week campers and staff have been preparing skits to show off their amazing talents. As part of this weeks theme, Prime time, each group will present a skit for the rest of the camp. The skit ideas ranged from beach fun to a suspenseful quest. Each group put on a dazzling performance and wowed the crowd. In between practicing their skits, campers participated in games such as gaga, steal the bacon and of course, dodgeball!

  • While trapped in a small, walled octagon, campers had to try to eliminate opponents by hitting their legs with a ball. This may seem easy but there's a twist, campers had to keep the ball in the octagon and could only hit it with their hands (no catching and throwing allowed). This game provided not only fun but intense competition between campers. 

Steal the Bacon
  • Campers and staff were divided into two teams and were paired with someone on the opposing team. Each pair had to race to grab the ball in the center of the gym and bring it back to their own side.

Dr. Dodgeball
  • Dr. Dodgeball is a camp favorite in which one chosen person has the ability to save team members who have gotten out. As soon as the doctor is out, no one in the team can be saved. This game is enjoyed by all ages and is played often.    

Magic Nuudles

  • During this arts and crafts activity campers squished together colorful Styrofoam pellets to make cool designs. Campers could also play with string, making friendship bracelets.


  • After working extremely hard all week to prepare their skits, groups finally presented their masterpieces.

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