Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16 Overview

Day 2 of this miserable heat wave and here at camp, we are all sweating and drinking water like nuts. But, fortunately, today is a water play day!!

Today water activity was a slip slide made out of some tarps. Campers get a running start and jump into the watery mess.

Group 12 Leaving for Armstrong!!!

Campers in group 12 (campers going into kindergarten- 2 grade) went on their weekly walking field trip up to Armstrong today! They had fun playing on the jungle gym's and we are all thankful that we have that wonderful school within a walking distance from the high school.

One of the teams in group 3's capture the flag
tries to decide where to hide their flag

We all also made our way out to the baseball field behind the turf for some fun with Josh Romaker
(One of last week's staff of the week) Campers played capture the flag, a classic competitive (but friendly!) game that has teammates trying to steal the object without being tagged out. Today we played making it even more complicated, by making the teams hide their "flag" . this made the game a little more interesting......

Making camp a little more grossom is always the way to go.... it MADNESS WEEK!!!!!So todays fun activity was oobleck, made of cornstarch and water mixed together made a gooey and sticky hand playing "game".

More eating fun today as we made worms. Ask your child about that experience and all the others here at camp......

Campers in group 4 try to survive on the battlefield!!

How about some more sweaty fun???? Today, groups 4 and 5 both played build-a-fort-dodge ball! Played just like dodge ball, but with protective walls.

More to come tomorrow on madness week.

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