Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fear Factor- July 18!!!!!- By Nick Gagne

Fear Factor has been part of summer camp for the past 4 years. This year was probably the most disgusting as each group competed against each other for points. Now that we have evolved. we all enjoyed it.

Activity 1- M&M's With Ketchup and Barbecue Sauce

One Camper decides to go with barbecue sauce
Campers got told that they had to eat M and M's without their hands- sounds easy, right? Well after we got volunteers, the CIT's announced that volunteer's had to decide between ketchup and barbecue sauce. Was that surprising. Mike filled in for a camper it was some good, camp fun!

Dance Parties!!!!

When CIT's set up for the next activity, we had some awesome dance parties!!!!

Activity 2- Jello Straws

Sofia in Group 5 tries the straw
Three different cups of jello were set up to test the campers ability to suck jello through a straw. In the middle of the jello was a gummy worm. Three volunteers from each group had to run from one side of their table to the front table where they had to suck up or eat the jello handles. When they finished their jello, they ran back to tag the next person in line. Three jello's were set up for each team.

Here is what the campers had to eat

The slimy mess

Activity 3- Slimy Search

Campers had to stick there hand and find gummy bears in a bucket of a messy concoction. They had one minute to find as many gummy bears with their hands. Each group sent up a camper and a counselor to find the most. The winner of it all was group 5 who won 100 points. 
Group 5's volunteer!!!


The Main Course!

The Final Activity- Spam Dogs and Beans           

So for this final activity, we had only counselors compete for their group. Three counselors from each group was required. Two toilet paper wrappers and the mummy and spam dog eater. It began when the two wrapping counselors wrapped  the spam eater in toilet paper to make him a mummy. They then ran to the table to eat their spam dog and beans without their hands. The winner was group 5's Chris Hines who finished first!!!

Chris from group 5 finishes in first!!!

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