Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26 Overview

Okay, well rainy and wet were definitely adjectives for today! So, we spent the day inside. We said goodbye to groups 4 and 5 who left us for the morning to go and see Oklahoma at the Hanover Theater in Worcester. But back here at camp we played gym games including pickle, king pin dodge ball and handball.
Pickle is not the food, its a game where campers run back and forth between two mats with one person in the middle trying to hit them with a dodge ball. Campers also played handball, a mix of football and soccer with your hands. Finally, king pin dodge ball is where campers have two teams and teams try to knock down the other teams pins. The team that knocks down the other teams pins first is out. Finally, campers played on the computers. Our after noon was spent playing Wii Just Dance and indoor inflatables. So this week ended with a smile!

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