Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15 Overview

Today, the temperatures reached the nineties here in Westborough. But still, the campers had fun in the sun outside on the softball and baseball fields. Today's activities included Ultimate Frisbee, a Nature walk, Traffic Jam,. Computers, Treasure Island and an arts and craft activity. Unfortunately, today we did not have a water activity, only on Tuesday's and Thursday's. But we still had fun!with some new toys, campers have nets to catch crayfish from the creek in. the one rule about the creek is NO TOUCHING THE WATER!!! In the game Ultimate Frisbee, people play football, but with a Frisbee. For our campers favorite activity- computers- campers are only allowed to play on certain websites approved by the office staff here at camp. All in all, today was a great day!!! See the pictures bellow for more:
CIT's with Mike (CIT Coordinator)
One of the many crayfish caught by campers in Group 4!!!
Group 4 Playing on Computers in the Computer Lab

Group 5 Playing Treasure Island

Group 3 Playing Traffic Jam

Do not worry- campers got tons of water throughout the day to fight the heat!

Nature walk- Catching Crayfish at the front creek

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