Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 3/ Exploration Week Overview!

            Monday started exploration week with new faces and old, from years past. One game we played with the campers was Pillow Polo, the game involves two competing teams which attempts to gain possession of the “gator ball” and move the ball passed the opposing team’s defense/goalie. Our campers also got to enjoy some of the sun when they played Newcomb on the tennis court and went for a  nature walk to cool down.  Campers tested out their mosaic building capabilities by creating Bling Bling Mosaics. Some other activities that went on around camp today included Catch a Thief and computer play.
Group 1 playing pillow polo (like hockey)

Group 3 making there glitter mosaics!!!

            Tuesday got all the campers fired (and sugared) up for the day! Today is cooling day and the special treat the campers help make was rice crispy treats!                                                      
Other activities included hide and seek for groups 1,2 and 3 during there free periods. More activities were a walking field trip to Armstrong playground for group 1, mat ball, melting beads, Wii and pickle.
Making Rice Crispy Treats!!!

Wednesday is a special day here at camp. Each Wednesday, someone special/ entertainer gives our campers some laughs and giggles. But before that,. Campers had awesome activities including Sudden Death (group split into four teams, each member given a number and then when number called, campers with that number run to the middle and play a mini dodge ball game) gimp/ friendship bracelets, Armstrong trip, and mushroom ball. We said goodbye also to group 4, who took a walk to Dairy queen for there ice cream. Wednesday’s performer was Sky Rise Theater, for a presentation on Public Speaking. This helped campers talk to large audiences and made some children face there fears of talking loudly.

Thursday was an entergetic day. Sadly, since the rain, our water activity, Drip,Drip,drop, had to be changed to computers. But not to fear, we still had fun! We played games such as battleship, ships captain, pirate ball and candy necklaces. We then joined together for the pirate day treasure hunt filled with friendly and fun games between all groups.
The C.I.T. Pirate Ship!!!

Sadly, the end of the week had come. Due to sizes, groups 1 and 2 became one, group 12.We said our goodbyes to groups 4 and 5/ group 9 as they went on there way to Southwicks in Mendon Mass. Back here at camp, we played games like fireworks, did some Wii trivia, fruit cocktail and assassin. For Magic World the swamp stomp obstacle course (bouncy house) visited us again and also we had a water slide!
Bouncy house obstacle course

 People of the Week
Group of the Week....... Group 3!!!

Camper of the Week..... Lucas Halem!!!!

Erica Price- Staff of the Week

Josh Romaker- Staff of the Week

Rebbecca Arena- CIT of the Week

Julian Bosch- Jr. Staff of the Week


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