Monday, July 29, 2013

A fun Monday 7/29/20133 overview

Kids in group four, at the creek. Some are tryng to catch cray fish, and some are trying to catch dragon flies and butterflies.

Alana, one of the junior staff.

Jessica, in her hand is a dragon fly.

Nellie, Ariana, and Grace. They have caught dragonflies.

Two campers from group two, and one of our Junior Staffs.

Group one handball. With James, AJ, and Hailey.

Group three playing a game of smush in the gym!

Action shot!!!!! Kids in group five playing smush in the gym.
Chris one of the staff, and the rest of group five, battling it out, in an intense game of smush.
Another group one handball photo. The ball is in the air. ACTION SHOTT!

Chris one of our conselours throwing a shirt to one of the campers. This was for an exciting activity played in the gym.

Group three, playing a very ominous game of mafiah. Its where, a mafiah is chosen, while everyones heads are down. And they pick who they would like to kill. Then, the mafiah puts its head down, and a doctor/angel is chosen. They pick who they would like to save. Then, all the townspeople wake up. The runner of the game, says a story, saying who dies. (The runner of the activity makes it up on the spot.) Then, the kids vote on who the mafiah is. If the person who was not the mafiah gets voted out. They are out of the game. The game goes on until the mafiah is found. Each round a new doctor/angel is picked.

Campers in group three ready to grab a nice yummy snack, from the delightful snack shack.

group one. INTENSE hand ball.

Krish, Grace, Riley and two fun conselours during handball.

Jayda and Grace (group one) at snack.

Group five playing a game in the gym!!!!!!

Jr staff fist bump after watching/playing a great game of SMUSH! quite intense..

camper from group three during a lovely snack time.

krish in group one!  with a yummy cookie

Kelley looks ready to to play some smush.  Group four!!!!!

Kevin McCarthy from group five playing some SMUSH!

Out at the CREEK! Have a great day! :)

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