Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 17 Overview

Group 4 heading from their home base
 down to their first activity
Day 3 of this miserable heat wave comes down on camp, but with all our strength, we still continue to be strong with the power..... the power of water!!!

So with 7 campers in total, group 3 made there way up to Armstrong this morning  to play on the wonderful playground.

But back here camp this morning, we still had fun!!

The first few seconds of hector protector with group 1!
Campers in Group 12 Enjoyed there first activity this morning playing Hector Protector. This game combines Revenge style dodgeball and protecting pins from being knocked over. This games get campers to play 2 games in 1!

Group 4+5 enjoy painting (I think i see future artists!)

For Group 4 and 5, they enjoyed their first activity in the art room today, painting there clay sculptures they made on Monday. They also enjoyed getting there hands dirty with paint!

Group 4 Head Counselor Laura had a
camper hand paint on her Staff shirt

Groups 4 and 5 were also challenged to use there internet skills to answer questions global fast food companies. campers had to answer questions about start up questions that could be found on Google.

Will in Group 4 uses his computer to answer questions
on Burger King.

To face the heat, we ended the day here with a movie. Campers got a choice between the movies Legend of the Guardians and Oz; The Great and Powerful. Campers had a great day here at camp and that is our goal. To make campers smile. Stay tuned for Thursday and Friday of MADNESS WEEK!!!! (Theme goes perfectly with the weather outside). 

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