Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18 Overview

Day 4 of this madness (the heat, not the theme, but kinda also the theme) and we are all apending as much of the day inside in the A/C. But today is a special day, so keep on reading.

Campers spent first period playing on the computers, world cup and also prison dodgeball!
Ready... Set...... GO!!!!!

Campers in groups 4 and 5 enjoyed there first period playing prison dodgeball against each other. So imangine two of the oldest groups playing dodgeball against each other.... crazy right???? well it enterntained the campers and it entertained the counselors too.

One camper in group 3 enjoys games on

Campers in the small Group 3 enjoyed their first activity in the computer lab. Campers played mostly on Friv and poptropica, which are both awesome sites!!!!

Miranda and Riley of Group 12 trying to score!!!!

Finally, campers in the famous group 12 enjoyed playing World Cup, a game related to soccer, but with multiple teams of only 2 players.

check out more later!!!!

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