Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today, camp was filled with superheroes and sidekicks! Superhero day has been a camp favorite for years! Groups played a few games before finishing the day off with a fun obstacle course and dodge ball game called the Superhero Challenge.

World Cup!

  • Campers enjoyed playing an exciting soccer game in pairs. 


Pillow Polo!

  • Groups played this hockey-like game and loved the fierce competition.

Water Dodge ball!

  • Campers played a wet round of dodge ball that cooled them down from the hot summer sun.

Traffic Jam!

  • Groups were split into four teams and had to run around a cone while dodging balls being throw at them.

Acrylic Painting!

  • The camp pulled out their creative side and painted fun designs!

Superheroes That Visited!
Jessie and Wonder Woman!

Robin and both Batmans!

Spiderman and Batman!

The Powerpuff Girls!

Super Smurf!

The brother ninjas!

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