Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tubular Tuesday

        Today, July 10, the campers engaged in numerous water-based and art based activities. The water games included "Back to Back Balloon Catapult" and "Warpspeed", while the art based activity was to create a Mosaics. "Back to Back Balloon Catapult" forced the campers to work as a team to keep a water balloon placed behind their back, intact, while they raced a second team in a relay race. "Warpspeed" is a team challenge where the campers had to work together to pass a water balloon around in a circle, while they were being timed. Each round, additional water balloons were added, while the campers had to remember the pattern in which they passed them to. While the campers had an exhilarating day today, participating in numerous new games and activities, we are looking forward to a lively day tomorrow filled with cupcakes, pizza, a trip to DQ for group 5, and much more! Check out our pictures from today!

             Back to Back Balloon Catapault                                                            Mosaics  

Back to Back Balloon Catapault                                                                                    

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