Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday July 16

       Today, Monday July 16, we are kicking off the week by brainstorming for Skit Day that will occur on Thursday, July 19th. Each group is preparing a skit that they will perform this Thursday, where they will be judged by the judges. The Junior Staff and CIT's will also prepare skits of their own that will entertain the audience with their lively performance. While we are looking forward to our Skit Day, the campers participated in some fun activities today that included "Anything Fabric", "Doctor Dodge Ball", and "Steal the Bacon". "Anything Fabric" is a game where there is a bandana and the campers have to be creative and think of something that the bandana could stand for. One camper at a time then takes the bandana and acts out what they thought the bandana would be. The group then has to guess what the bandana is, in that specific situation. "Steal The Bacon" is a physical game that tests the campers listening skills and stamina. We have had a wonderful day today at the Westborough Community Education Camp, and we are looking forward to an eventful week ahead of us. Check out the most recent pictures from today!

                                                                       Steal The Bacon

                                                              Skit Practice for Group 1


                          Anything Fabric

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