Friday, July 13, 2012

        Today, Friday the 13th, we said our goodbyes to Group 4 and Group 5 when they left for Kimball's Farm this morning. We are sure that they had an amazing time and made remarkable memories. Some of the activities that the rest of the groups participated in were Mat Ball, Spud, and Hot Potato Water. Mat Ball is just like kick ball, but instead, the players keep running around the bases to score points. Spud is a game that involves concentration and fast speed to become the winner. During Hot Potato Water, the campers not only got soaked in water, but had a good time while doing it. After lunch, we had HUGE bouncy houses delivered that included the Wrecking Ball and the Water Slide. The campers had the time of their lives playing and competing on these bouncy houses with their friends, Counselors, Junior Staff, and CIT's. We have had an amazing week this week, but we are looking forward to next week where all of the skits will take place. Check out these cool pictures taken from today!

                                                                     The Water Slide

                                                                    Wrecking Ball

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