Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Huckle Buckle Beanstock

In Westborough Community Education the activities we have today groups 12 and 3 are going on a walking field trip to Armstrong. Since it is very warm out today we have a water activity for all of the groups and that is Blanket Balloon Toss and Wet and Wild Kickball.  Another fun activity that we had today was Huckle-Buckle Bean stock.

Group 12 and 3 went to a walking field trip to Armstong and had a blast.
Blanket balloon toss is a water activity where four campers hold corners of a blanket and there is a water balloon in the middle of the blanket, the campers fling the water balloon in the air and try to catch it. Our second water activity that we had today was wet and wild kickball, where the game is just kickball but the bases are pools of water.

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