Friday, July 13, 2012

Today, July 12th, we are having our Fear Factor Day! The Junior Staff this year are running this exhilarating day, which includes 6 different challenges that will test the campers, to see who really will be able to face their fears. We kicked off the day with Acrylic Painting, where each group made creative paintings that they can take home. The campers also participated in Ultimate Football and Asteroids, which are games that involve teamwork and participation. Lastly, the campers participated in creating Friendship Bracelets along with “Traffic Jam”. Group 5 today, ventured to Dairy Queen where they cooled off with some delicious treats while having a good time. We are looking forward to Fear Factor in the afternoon where the campers will be participating in 6 activities that will be gross, intimidating, and frightening. Three of these activities will be eating activities, while the other three will be physical tests. The first eating activity is the Squid challenge where the campers will eat the gummy-wormed squids off of a string, like an eating donut challenge. The second eating challenge is the Cat Litter Cake, where the campers will have to eat a plate full of "Moldy Cat Litter" made of cake and crushed cookies and tootsie rolls, without their hands. The last eating challenge is Jell-O Worms where the campers will have to eat a Jell-O shaped worm with cooked rice in it, to look like maggots. The physical activities will include Iron Ball which is an activity where the campers will step in a bucket filled with ice with marbles placed on the bottom. They will have to pick up the marbles with their toes, and they will receive points towards their team! Another physical activity is the Target Challenge where there are multiple targets set up, that are worth different amounts of points. The campers will have to use tennis balls to try and hit them, to receive points. The last physical challenge is the Bucket Challenge where there is a bucket that is filled with slime and gooey beads, with multiple items stuck inside. The camper’s mission is to retrieve the items, while being blind-folded the whole time. Each of these activities will the test the campers ability both physically and mentally to face their fears. We are excited for an eventful afternoon planned, and a fun day tomorrow! Check out these crazy pictures from Fear Factor Today!
The Counselor of the week is:   Mitch Saeger!

The Activity Specialist of the week is:    Vale Southard!

The Junior Staff of the week is:    Meredith Wolpert!

The CIT of the week is:     Kofi Dadzi!

The Camper of the week is:    Sean Barry!

The Group of the week is:      Group 2!

Cat Litter Cake

 `                                                               Squid Challenge

Bucket Challenge

Jello Worm Challenge

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