Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday July 20, 2012

           Today, July 20th, we are said our goodbyes to Group 4 and Group 5 when they left to go see either Spiderman and Ice Age. Back at camp, Groups 1 through 3 are taking part in numerous activities that include Build a Fort Dodge Ball, Water Color Painting, Pillow Polo, DDR, and Rock Band! We are looking forward to an exciting day here at the Westborough Community Education Summer Camp where many memories will be made. After voting, Group 1 won the "Cutest Participants". Group 2 won the "Best
Sound Effects" Award. Group 3 won the "Variety of Talent" award. Group 4 won the "Best Script" award. Group 5 won the over-all Best Skit award! Check out these cool pictures taken from today!

                          Kick Ball                                                                             Build a Fort Dodge Ball

                                                                                 Counselor of the Week: Betsy!
                    CIT of the Week: Spencer!                                     Junior Staff of the Week: Nacho Nick!

Group of the Week: Group 5!

Camper of the Week: Michael Gagne!

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