Tuesday, July 24, 2012

        Today, July 23rd, we are kicking off Mystery Week with numerous activities that include Pillow Polo, Nature Walk, The Cup Game, Traffic Jam, Vale's Music Express, and making melting beads. Vale's Music Express is a new addition to the Westborough Community Education camp, but everyone seems to be enjoying her workshop! One of our activity specialists Vale, is teaching the campers all about music through a music workshop that she is hosting. The Cup Game is also a new activity where the campers learn a rhythm that they have to play on the cups. Once the campers get the rhythm down, they can make it faster and faster, or they can make the rhythm harder. Another special addition to Mystery Week is the full camp activity that is taking place throughout the whole week. A special pig that has been stolen will be hid in random places around the camp, each day. While traveling to each activity, the groups have to be on the look-out for the pig, to win the points. This activity will be going on throughout the whole week, each day. We are looking forward to an exciting week planned that will be filled with spooky, fun, and new activities for the campers. Check out these pictures taken from today!

                         The Cup Game                                                           Vale's Music Workshop

                          Nature Walk                                                                    Computers

                                                                    Melting Beads

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