Monday, July 2, 2012

Today in Westborough Community Education summer camp our activities for the day are playing the game Mafia, doing a team building puzzle relay, the game encouraging yarn and doing group cooking- we will be making pizza!
Mafia is a group game where people are secretly assigned roles by the counselors: either mafia, or townspeople and are secretly eliminated. Everyone loved being part of this game!


Puzzle Relay Encouraging Yarn is when the groups split up into two teams and race to get the puzzle pieces on the other side of the room. After they get all the puzzle pieces they try to put the puzzle together before the other team does. The first team to put together the puzzle wins.

Our cooking activity today will have the groups making pizzas with counselor’s assistance. They were given a pan with dough and then two bowls, one with cheese and the other with sauce. The groups were split up into smaller groups of a total of 4 groups. Each group made their own cheese pizza with their own design and everything. At the end of the day all the groups had a pizza cook off challenge where the groups choose a pizza and the administration decides which group has the best tasting pizza! Great job everyone!

Check back tomorrow for more pictures and to find out what fun we will be having!!!

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