Monday, July 9, 2012

Off The Wall

Today, Monday July 9th, we are kicking off "Off The Wall" themed week, with some exciting and action-packed activities planned for the campers. Some of the activities today include "King Frog, Who am I", Blob Tag, Mat Ball, and water games. "King Frog, Who am I" is an ice-breaker game where the kids get to know their group while playing an engaging game.   


Blob Tag is taking place on the softball field where the campers are instructed to play a regular game of tag, but instead, when tagged, the campers have to latch on to create a larger tag group. Mat Ball is a game that is just like kick ball, but the bases are mats, and when one kicks the ball and run around the bases, he/she never stops running. Every time one finishes the bases, he/she not only receives one point towards his/her team, but also he/she keeps running to score more points. 

Some of the water games included Splish and Splash along with Slip and Slide. Later in this week, we are looking forward to Fear Factor where the kids will participate in intimidating and terrifying activities that will test their ability to face their fears. We have an exciting week ahead of us so keep updated and make sure to check out our photos!

           King Frog, Who am I               

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