Friday, July 20, 2012

         Today, July 19th, we prepared for the performances of all of the skits! While awaiting these performances that took place at 2:30 in the auditorium, the campers participated in Fruit Cocktail, Sponge Painting, Dr. Dodge ball, and making chocolate marshmallows. Throughout the day, the campers had the opportunity to practice their skits and get their supplies needed for the skits. Finally, when 2:30 came around, the auditorium was packed with supportive parents and friends of the campers that were ready to cheer on every group. Group 1 performed a creative skit that was based off of a dance party that consisted of many different songs. Group 2's skit was a performance of a man checking out a pet shop, looking for an animal to buy. Group 3 performed a talent show where each camper had the chance to show off their unique skills. Group 4's skit was a love story between a sergeant and a new recruit. Group 5 performed a skit that represented what went on in two outgoing and unique twins' heads, Milan and Miles. The CIT's reenacted a crazy circus that was a crowd pleaser when they smashed a pie in Jenna's (Staff member's) face. Lastly, the Junior Staff performed a Skit that represented a "Day in the Office". In conclusion, the performances went just as planned, and everyone in the auditorium had a great afternoon filled with laughter and smiles. We will find out tomorrow who won the Best Skit!
                                                    Making Chocolate Marshmallows

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