Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Scorcher

       Today, July 17th, the campers are trying to stay cool in the scorching hot weather by participating in some indoor activities and water activities. Some of these games include Charades, Wii Just Dance, Pickle, Color Guard, and practicing their skits. Wii Just Dance is set up in the auditorium where the campers will follow along to a dance that is projected onto the screen. Pickle is a game that is similar to baseball, where the campers are stuck on two bases, but the point is to get to the other base without getting hit by the ball. Color Guard is just like Fruit Cocktail but with water balloons. The campers had some time today to practice and polish their skits that they are preparing for Thursday. We had a fun day today at camp, that consisted of a variety of activities. Check out some of the awesome pictures taken today!

                                                                          Wii Just Dance

                                                                     Color Gaurd


Group 4 practicing their skit

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