Thursday, August 5, 2010

Xtreme Week Brings a "Fear Factor"

Gross, Disgusting, and Horrible ..... And Yet So Much Fun!!!!!

Sam Kreell Enjoys An Afternoon Snack

All day long, throughout the group bases and fields of the camp, whispers of a haunting evil swirled like a cool breeze across the children. They all knew the day had arrived, yet nothing could prepare them for what was about to happen during the last two periods of the day. As the time approached, and the terror neared, only the brave would step up to face the greatest challenge the camp had ever seen. Xtreme Week warned all of us, but no one was prepared for:

"Fear Factor Day"

Reactions to afternoon events

Deciding if he is up for it

Nervous about what is to come

No Fear in this group

Her face says it all

Brain Food!!!!

Dig In

Why the Sour Face?

Lunch Time

Fear Factor Success, Slap Hands!!!!!

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