Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Campers are off to the races with the start of All Sports Week

Week Seven is here and all the campers are ready for All Sports Week. Campers will participate in a smorgasbord of sports ranging from Bad Mitten to Lacrosse. Throughout the week campers will also test their skills to see how they match up against NFL stars as they take on our own NFL Combine. On Monday the campers tried to hit it out of the park while playing Wiffle Ball and Kickball. The campers also tested their brains with some Sports Trivia. Tuesday, campers showed their artistic abilities when they made their “Sports People” which were replicas of any Famous Sports icon, using tennis ball as the head.

On Monday night the camp started a new tradition by hosting the first every Counselor Softball Game. The two teams were split right down the middle with the Veterans versus the Rookies. The game was back and forth with the intensity level being just like a Red Sox vs. Yankees game, and it came down to the last inning to the decide the victor. The Rookies took the lead in the top of the ninth going up seven to six. The Vets being down one in the bottom of the ninth had Tom O’Connor blast a game winning three run shot over the fence to give the Veterans the win, with a final score being 9 to 7. All Sports week has started off with a homerun and is only going to get better as the week progresses.

Patrick Riley getting ready to make some "Sports People"

Lindsay showing some sport spirit during Arts and Crafts

Who says Harry Potter isn't a sports star, he is the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team

Caroline Zaccaria, Allison Milne, and Shannon Fracolini getting ready for some snack

CIT Goodliffe helping Matty Wood and Henry Ramey build a block tower

Some fabulous "Sports People"

Can you tell what sports these people play?

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