Friday, August 6, 2010

XTreme Afternoon X-Games

Weather or Not, XTreme Week Goes On

We weren't sure if the weather would hold off for the afternoon X-Games events, but mother nature was kind to the campers of Westborough Community Education Summer Program. While the camp was indoors most of the morning periods, the afternoon was a different story, with bikes, scooters, and roller blades flying around the X- Games XTreme Course. Here are some pictures from the afternoon events:


  1. My two kids have a blast at camp! Thank you to all the counselors and Nurse Nancy for taking care of them and giving them a summer they'll never forget!

  2. My kids have the best time at camp. The activities are fabulous and my kids have a new story to tell me everyday! To all counselors and staff that make it happen, thank you for making summer camp so fun.