Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Marvelous Monday to Start off the Extreme Week

This week our staff and campers will be taking all of their activities to the next level to celebrate Extreme Week. On Monday, to kick off this week the campers took part in Hand Ball, X-Treme Trivia, Barbarians, Dodge the Rolling Balls, and Banana & Follow. Hand ball is an intense game based off of Ultimate Frisbee. Instead of a Frisbee the campers used a dodge ball and tried to score on the opposing goalie. X-treme Trivia added a little twist by throwing in a baseball and bat into the mix. Each team tried to hit the opposing ball as far as they could, and they couldn’t answer the question until they retrieved their own ball. Banana & Follow is a race that only involved the campers feet, not using them to run but to pass along a rubber banana, first team to finish won. Barbarians is as spectacular as it sounds, it is a mix between Dodge ball and Treasure Island. The object of the game was to steal items from the opposing team without being hit by a dodge ball.

Some other extreme activities that will be taking place this week are Hula Hoop Golf, Extreme Masks, Extreme Obstacle Course, Fear Factor Experiment, Field Dodge ball, Steal the Bacon Soccer, and a Bike/Scooter park. On Thursday the campers will take part in a Bike Obstacle course and we ask that parents bring in their campers Bikes or scooters. Along with their bikes we ask that helmets and any other protective gear that parents wish their children to wear be brought as well. Monday was an explosive experience and hopefully that feeling will flow through the camp for the rest of the week.

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