Friday, August 13, 2010

"Ace of Cakes" becomes "Sports of Cakes"

Create Your Cake, And Eat It Too!!!!

Two of the more popular activities at the Westborough Community Education Summer Program are sports and eating; more specificly, eating cake. So what if one day we could put the two together, could it be possible, well on Thursday we found out. "Ace of Cakes" came to camp this week in the form of our own twist, with "SPORTS OF CAKES." During the day, campers were given a pre-made cake, frosting, and sculpting tool, and were told to create a sports themed cake. At the end of the day, our campers amazed the staff with their creativity and vision. Take a look:

The Cakes at the judge's table
(Football, Fenway, Soccer ball, and Wally)

Hours of prep work fit into a 45 minute activity period

Sampling to make sure it is just right

Drive and Focus on the task

Last minute details

And the Results

Baseball and Bat

Hockey Sticks and Puck

Baseball and Bat, Hockey Sticks and Puck, and Basketball Hoop and Ball

Rondo, Brady, and Lucic Jerseys

Pre Basketball Hoop

Wally "The Green Monster"

Fenway Park
(Football and Soccer Ball pictured above)
Next week will be the last of the 2010 Summer Camp. Please feel free to join us on August 20th at 12:35 till around 3:00 for end of the year Carnival.

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