Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week One is Done....But Two Has Just Begun

Summer has begun, and camp has started off huge, with today only getting bigger.  We have had two amazing days of beautiful weather and fun activities for the campers, with today marking the first big group challenge of the summer.  Each group will compete to make the camp's best pizza in our "Pizza Top Chef" challenge, with an All-Star cast of staff and members of the Westborough community doing the judging.  Each week, groups will earn points for acheiving set goals and accomplishing team building challenges.  The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the week will earn the Group of the Week Status.  With Group of the Week Status comes the special benifit of carring around our camp mascot.

Enjoy some picture from our first week:

 On Thursday, all the groups took turns making their own variations of pizza with Mrs. Goodwin. All the campers got a chance to participate in helping their group win the pizza competition at the end of the day. Although there was only one group that would come up on top, all the pizzas were delicious, and all the campers enjoyed working with each other and cooking their own pizza. At the end of the Day five judges taste tested each pizza and gave every group a score from 1-5. Rob O'Conner's campers scored a perfect 25 points. Some staff members debated whether it was fair that group 5's pizza was still warm. However Rob and the campers insisted that their special spices willed them to victory! Overall the campers and staff members were very enthusiastic about the competition, and pizza always tastes better when it’s your creation!

Group 5: Winners of Pizza Challenge

Week 2
Week two has started off with some great weather and exciting activities planned for the rest of the week! We hope you had a great 4th of July, and we would love to hear what you did. This week, we are planning hold an amazing field day with entertaining activites coming this Thursday (July 7). Some of the activities that your children will take part in are....

        This Wednesday (July 6), we are making Basic Cake Donuts with Janice. The points that could be earned for each group for today, are through activities such as Group Quilts, for the most creative quilts, through Leaky Garbage Can, and through Invent a game, for the most creative games. We are excited to find out which group will take the lead, by the end of the day!

        This Thursday, your children will  be taking part in Field Day! Field Day is a combination of many activities and "stations" that incorporate your children working together as a team to achieve points for their group. Some of the activities include, egg and spoon races, tug o war, slip n' slide, frozen t-shirt contest, sack race contests, and sneaker hunt. We hope your children will have the time of their lives on this day!

          This Friday, group 6 is planning to venture to the one and only Roller Kingdom! Magic World Sports Challenge/Magic World King of the Mountain, will be visiting camp too, where your children can play around in Bouncy Houses and blow-up sports houses. We hope your children, overall, have a great week!

Special Thanks to for Meredith Wolpert, Danielle Mellor, and Mike Gallo for their help with this post!

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