Monday, July 18, 2011

week 3

        Week 3 has just begun! We are kicking off this week with beautiful weather, which is perfect for participating in outside activities. Some of your children will participate in are Balloon Trolleys Earthwinds, Basketball, and Dog Pound this Monday.

        This Tuesday, the hot weather will be perfect for participating in some water games! Some activities in which your children will be involved in on Tuesday are, Water Run, Water Log, and Leaky Garbage Can. Also, some of the campers will be involved in activities that involve teamwork ability that will earn their group points. One of these activities include the game, "Minefield"

            On this coming Wednsday we will be participating in the 3-D Minefield. This is where there are 2 partners, and one partner guides the other person through an obsticle course, blindfolded.This is a great team building activity and builds trust throughout the groups. Another game that they will be playing is Scooter Ball, Totally Wet Water Catch, and many more. Also, today is pizza day! We wil recieve the pizza from Rodery Pizza. We hope your children have fun this Wednesday!

           This Thursday, the campers will have a relaxing day filled with Sidewalk Chalk, Waiter Wars, and Freach and Mooch. Group 6 will be heading off to Dairy Queen around 12:00 PM this day.

           This Friday, is a very busy and exciting day filled with many interesting and fun activities. Group 6 will be on a field trip to George's Island for the entire day in Boston. The rest of the camp will be playing with Wii games, and also, we will have the Magic World coming at the end of the day! There will be the Magic W
orld Defender, The Magic World Spiderman Bounce, and The Magic World Crisscross Human Spheres. We are excited to be involved in many activities on this day, and we are looking foward to spending a great time with your children!

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