Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday 6/27

Wednesday and Thursday were both great days for the campers. The day started off by playing an intense game of Sudden Death in the gym, followed by Dodgeball. Group 1 had an adventurous time when they walked to Armstrong and played on the playground. Some of the other groups played near the creek on a nature walk. The campers got to enjoyed some origami fun when they made some paper planes and got to test there creativity when they played with some model magic. To end Wednesday, the Bfit group performed a magic show and taught the kids about how to live a healthy life.  On thursday group 1 and 2 played some world cup and matball. Group 3 had some fun playing Nuke Em' and Fireworks. The other groups had a choice between Pickle and Beaded Bracelets. Group 4 and 5 both made trips to DQ and enjoyed some delicious icecream. Groups also had a chance to cool down when they played on the computers throughout the day. The camp ended the day with a giant dodgeball tournament.

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