Wednesday, June 26, 2013

          Monday was a great first day of camp. Old and new faces returned to enjoy summer with us once again. Tuesday was also a blast.  Despite scorching heat, the kids managed to stay cooled off with water play activity on a great slip n’ slide.  They enjoyed games such as pillow polo and soccer on the softball field.  They also enjoyed some artistic activities indoors such as scratch art and dancing houses.  After the cool down, the campers headed back outdoors for ultimate Frisbee and capture the flag.  They took a relaxation period at the computer lab and they made some candy apple pops in cooking period.  In the gym they enjoyed mushroom ball.  It is a variation of dodge ball where the children play free-for-all. They also played some handball in the gym. The variety of activities are suiting for all of the campers, andthey always have a smile on their face. The counselors are  always here to offer their best enthusiasm and help the kids enjoy their time spent at camp.

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