Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Festival Week Day 3

Good Wednesday.

It was a very special day because at the end of the day there was a staff Dogbeball match. Group 5 played Dogeball and Mushroom ball earlier in the day. During the day, Group 1 played Mat ball. Group 4 took a walking field trip to Dairy Queen to have some delicious ice cream. One of the activities was watercolor painting. There were many awesome pictures produced. Campers from Group 3 put on a little show that was about all the counselors and how they were various kinds of foods. they used the pictures that they made in watercolor painting. Ransome was another activity that was played. In this game, the campers have to collect as many balls and pennys which are equivalent to points and the team with the most points win. It is a very strategic and fun game. At the end of the day Group 4 and 5 are facing each other in a game of Nuke 'em. Group 1, 2, and 3 are having a dance competition party as well are going to play Hide and Seek. 

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