Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Festival Week Day 2


Today, the campers of Groups 2 and 3 went on a field trip to Armstrong after snack. There was a game of Pillow Polo and played on the playground. Throughout the day, there was a water activity called Freeze Tag With the Hose. 

The oject of the game is the campers try to move around without the staff seeing them. And if the staff did see the campers move, they were then sprayed with water. Also, the campers played Red light, Green light. On the turf, the campers played Capture the Flag. Groups 4 and 5 played each other, again to prove which group is better. And in the gym today, games of Pirate Ball and Traffic jam were played. It was a very busy day and as well the fun never stopped.

Pillow Polo

Monkey Bars

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