Monday, July 26, 2010

Olympic Week Claims a Champion

Big Win for Group 4: "The Dream Team," taking home Group of the Week Honors

Congrads to Brian Goodliffe for receiving the Activity Lead of the Week, and Laura Hart for Counselor of the Week. Group 4 (above) took home the Group of the Week Honors with a huge victory at field day.

Laura Hart

Brian Goodliffe

Olympics Week was definitely our most active week of the summer so far, with Wednesday's "Water Olympics, Thursday's Field Day, and then to cap it all off, our friends from Crystal Entertainment came by on Friday with an Inflatable Race Course and Jousting activity. Here are some of the Highlights of Olympics Week:

On Monday, our activity lead, Frank Campos, showed off his favorite Marshmallow Tower to the rest of the Camp, while protecting his eyes from the blinding hallway sun.

Brotherly love shined through when Rob and Tom O'Connor agreed to disagree about which group created the best Marshmellow Tower.

The World Champion of Sock Wrestling was named, and everyone had a blast.

Today is the begining of Party Week, where everyday ends with a party.


  1. I am soooo sad that no one bothered to catch Nurse nancy taking down the DIrector in jousting. not only she took her once , she took her twice.

  2. I love Camp!!!!

  3. I think the blog is a great idea otherwise we don't hear about what happens in camp. Makes me wish I was young again.